Bronrott Out

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He only recently joined the CD8 list and now he’s out. And for the same reason Nancy Floreen bailed. Money. More precisely, the raising of it. From Bethesda Magazine:

The potential field of candidates for the 8th District seat narrowed a bit late Thursday, when former Del. Bill Bronrott, D-Bethesda, said he had decided against running.

“This would be a dream job for me. But now is not the time to spend the next year and a half on the phone, every day, having to beg for money,” said Bronrott, who was an aide to then 8th District Rep. Michael Barnes before serving almost 12 years in the House of Delegates from Bethesda-based District 16.

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“Three million bucks just to get elected, and then to be on the phone every day after that just to stay elected, is just not something that I really want to do at this stage of my life,” said Bronrott, 59, who recently resigned as deputy administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration after almost five years in that post.

Referring to what he sees as an imperative to reform the current system of campaign finance, Bronrott added: “I hope the next congressperson from the 8thDistrict will take this on as a priority project and work with those on the outside as well as colleagues on the inside to do everything they can to cut out this cancer in our political system. It is serious, and it’s corrosive.”

That’s a very realistic assessment of the demands of the job.

I believe that leaves us at 10 candidates. Let’s see who among the delegates and senators just out of session jumps in first. Anyone got a guess? 

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