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could a mass shooting by a white guy wearing apartheid-era Afrikaner and Rhodesian flag patches in a black church in South Carolina be described as a “crime against Christians.” And a bonus - did you know that if the dead pastor had been armed, all of this could have been avoided? No links from me, go find it yourself if you have the stomach for it. I don’t.

President Obama’s speech, on the other hand, is appropriately heartfelt and angry. Watch.

And not for the first or last time, Chris Cillizza of the Post is a freaking moron. He seems appalled that Barack Obama recognizes that nothing is going to happen on gun control - perhaps because it hasn’t up til now, so why think differently? And he repeatedly seems shocked that “the most powerful politician in the country” can’t just get what he wants. You’d think that there was no such thing as the National Rifle Association or the Republican Party involved in making policy. Just a president who has “so little to show” for his efforts after so long in office. Somebody get Cillizza into a remedial civics class, please.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is your elite Washington media. Even in the face of death and tragedy perpetrated by a white guy armed to the teeth, somehow, some way, this must be the black guy’s fault.

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