Recommended Viewing As The Market Reopens

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The only thing more entertaining than the train wreck of panic that is CNBC is mixing it in with episodes of the new HBO show The Brink, a very funny comedy about a crisis between the U.S. and Pakistan starring Tim Robbins and Jack Black.

Right now, as funny as The Brink is, CNBC IS giving it a run for comedy supremacy. Watching the two together is enhanced comedy, on an exponential scale.

Annnnnd the CNBC nightmare is finally over. The NYSE is open again. I’ve never seen so much relief that a market is open in my life.

And after two hours of making the case that there would be a huge volume of shares traded, the CNBC goofs are now in universal agreement about what a good thing it is that the volume is so modest. Whatever happens, it’s good for the market, good for business, and good for America. God bless us one and all.

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