Weekend CD4 Update

Four new names have cropped up as potential candidates in CD4. In addition to the seven identified on my list earlier in the week, let’s throw a few more names on the fire.

This brings us to 11, one shy of the CD8 Dirty Dozen. Surely, somebody else in CD4 wants to run? Don’t be shy. Step on up and join the fun.

I’ll have a website/Twitter/Facebook list later today. For now, here’s an updated alphabetical list, with the new names in bold.

Anthony Brown - former Lieutenant Governor and Delegate
Derrick Leon Davis - Prince George’s Councilmember, District 6 (not the District 25 Delegate)
Andrea Harrison - Prince George’s Councilmember, District 5
Glenn Ivey - former Prince George’s County State’s Attorney
Anthony Muse - State Senator, District 26
Joseline Pena-Melnyk - Delegate, District 21
Ingrid Turner - former Prince George’s County Councilmember
Kris Valderrama - Delegate, District 26
Geraldine Valentino-Smith - Prince George’s Delegate, District 23A
Michael Vaughn - Prince George’s Delegate, District 24
Jay Walker - Delegate, District 26

2 thoughts on “Weekend CD4 Update

  1. Andrea Harrison recently announced at her fundraiser she was not running for Congress. Delegate Valentino Smith is also not running. Kris has to fight to hold on to her delegate seat every four years so I would be surprised but not totally shocked.


  2. I don’t judge the rumors, Joseph. I just report what I believe to be the credible ones. I don’t expect 23 people - combined - to run for Congress in CD4 and CD8. I think that for some - not naming any names here, just some - just being mentioned as a candidate is a feel good proposition.


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