One of Congressman Elijah Cummings’ close friends on Capitol Hill  is none other than progressive darling and presidential non-candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Just this year, but before Barbara Mikulski’s retirement announcement, Cummings and warren teamed up for a series of proposals on reviving the middle class. And Cummings endeared himself to Warren - even before her election to the Senate - by defending her before a House hearing back in 2011. So it wouldn’t shock anybody for Warren to say nice things about Cummings if he runs to become her colleague in the Senate.

But a full-fledged endorsement? That would create real tensions for Warren. Some of the progressive groups who are her biggest supporters are already on the record as supporting Donna Edwards. And jumping into a Senate primary in another state is bound to cause friction and resentment. Not to mention a schism in the progressive ranks that might create both ideological and racial fracturing in the Democratic electorate. And finally, while I claim no inside knowledge here, it doesn’t take a genius to suspect that Senator Mikulski would like to see her seat go to a woman. For a fellow senator and a woman to come into Maryland on behalf of Elijah Cummings as against Donna Edwards will almost assuredly engender the ire of Mikulski. Just ask Harry Reid.

So keep all of the above in mind as you read this article posted late last night. If Elizabeth Warren comes in with full force on behalf of Elijah Cummings, that could change the entire game here in Maryland. The question is whether she will. Stay tuned.