State of Play

I’m going to winnow the field. If I haven’t heard anything about a candidate for a long time, they’re out. We can always put them back later. “Thinking” means I have some knowledge they’re still interested, but haven’t formally entered the race. As always, if you think I’m wrong let me know. I have a new comment submission form on the sidebar. 


IN: Edwards, Van Hollen

THINKING: Cummings, Delaney, Townsend


IN: Brown, Davis, Ivey, Pena-Melnyk, Turner

THINKING: Valderrama, Walker


IN: Barve, Raskin

THINKING: Ervin, Frick, Gutierrez, Jawando, Kelly, Lee, Matthews

I’m leaving out CD6 right now because John Delaney still won’t tell me what’s going on. I’m very hurt by this - I think some flowers and a full memo in his plans are the only sufficient apology.

Discussion welcome.