A Politico Article Doesn’t Suck

-55Days -2Hours -37Minuts -58Seconds

That in and of itself is breaking news. Charles Pierce, my blog hero and role model, calls Politico “Tiger Beat on the Potomac.” Pretty much dead on.

But this article on the impact of Baltimore’s unrest on the fortunes of Larry Hogan, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Elijah Cummings is actually pretty good, addressing the politics in great detail. Don’t agree with all of it, but it’s way above their usual schlock. A taste:

The perils are clear for all three figures: Hogan, only the second Republican to win the governorship in nearly four decades, needs to cultivate an effective and bipartisan image if he has any chance of being reelected in deep-blue Maryland in three-and-a-half years. Rawlings-Blake, a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee and an emerging regular on the Sunday show circuit, passed on Maryland’s 2016 Senate race but is likely seeking to build up positive statewide name recognition in preparation for a possible challenge to Hogan in 2018. Cummings is still considering the Senate race and occupies a key role in the House as Hillary Clinton’s main defender from ambitious GOP investigators.

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