I Won’t Get Back To You On That

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Professional cave troll Delegate Pat McDonough (modern Know Nothing of the purest form) has a couple of suggestions for addressing recent unrest in Baltimore: take food stamp benefits away from parents of the protesters and commission a “scientific study” of the “thug nation” he sees in the black community. He decided to share his thoughts with radio listeners on right wing station WCBM.

“These young people, they’re violent, they’re brutal, their mindset is dysfunctional to a point of being dangerous,” he said, noting that he does not want to “put them in a test tube or cage.” But, McDonough added, “We have got to study, investigate, and really look at what this is all about,” calling it a problem “that prevails the nation from Los Angeles to Baltimore to Baltimore County.”

If there’s a more mean-spirited, dreadful and ineffective legislator in this country than McDonough, I hope they stay off the radio. 

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