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Former Delegate and right wing firebrand Michael Smigiel has filed papers with the FEC to run for Congress in CD1. While Smigiel and Andy Harris are hardly buddies, the filing suggests that Smigiel believes Harris will run for the US Senate seat.

I don’t see Smigiel as the likely GOP  winner in CD1, as others will assuredly run, but the fact that he’s filed says clearly that the game is afoot. I’ll keep an eye on this. News tidbits, gossip, and slanderous innuendo are all welcome.

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  1. write2bheard

    I have been hearing for some time that Harris was planning to step aside this election, so I’m not sure that it is an indicator that he is planning to run for the Senate. I will agree that Smigiel has zero chance of winning a primary in the 1st CD since the areas with largest the GOP concentrations (Harford, Cecil) loathe him. I would expect if indeed Harris doesn’t run, we’ll see a number of current State Legislators go after the seat since they don’t have to worry about their State positions.


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