Just A Crazy Guy

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Yeah, that crazy white kid with a gun, he’s just a nutball weirdo. Right wing white supremacist racism? No, no, what would make you even suggest such a thing? And remember, racism is dead - the Wall Street Journal said it, so it must be true.

Wait, what?

The head of a white supremacist group cited by accused Charleston, S.C., gunman Dylann Roof made thousands of dollar in campaign contributions to prominent Republican candidates in recent years, including three seeking the GOP presidential nomination.

There is no evidence that the campaigns, including those of former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.), Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) and Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) were aware of the group’s past statements, and some have already said the money will be returned. They were moving quickly to disassociate themselves from it, with Cruz’s campaign the first to announce that it would return money it had received.

The contributions were first reported by the Guardian.

Whoops. Quick, somebody change the subject.

And another thing - anybody surprised that it was a foreign news outlet that made the connection between Roof and Holt, come on. The docile US media doesn’t like to stir things up like this - they prefer the Both Sides Do It routine, and look away in embarrassment when it’s pointed out - frequently - that this is a gigantic load of bullshit.

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