Health Exchange Contractor To Repay $45 Million 

The 2013 health care exchange rollout in Maryland was one of the worst debacles ever. It substantially contributed to Anthony Brown’s loss to Larry Hogan in November, and it cost an enormous amount to fix. Today, the State announced a settlement with the prime contractor, Noridian Healthcare Solutions, which will eventually recoup approximately 60% of the money paid to Noridian. The Sun:

The prime contractor on Maryland’s online health exchange will repay the state $45 million to settle claims that it botched the rollout of the marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act, according to a agreement announced Tuesday with Noridian Healthcare Solutions.

The total — just over 60 percent of what Noridian was paid — was unanimously approved by the health exchange board during a meeting Tuesday afternoon. U.S regulators still must approve the deal as much of the funding was federal.
The state cut ties with Noridian about four months after the website crashed on its first day in 2013, paying the company about $73 million of its $193 million contract to build and operate the exchange. The site never worked properly, delaying the applications of thousands of people without employer healthcare and in need of coverage.

It clearly appears to be a good settlement: $20 million now, and $5 million per year for five years. I just have one question: where do I go to get the governor’s mansion back? Sigh.