New CD8 Candidate

Multiple sources are reporting that there’s a new candidate running in CD8. His name is David Anderson, he’s the senior Vice President for state affairs at The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, a group that works with states to bring students to DC for internships. Anderson also teaches at Johns Hopkins and has previously taught at George Washington University and elsewhere. 

The key word for Anderson is “leverage.” Not being a business person, I couldn’t begin to tell you what it means (“using a lever to lift large objects” is about as far as my non-theoretical science brain got in school) but apparently it applies to pretty much everything, if this profile is accurate. Anderson also ran a youth vote organization in the 2004 presidential race.

Sources indicate that Anderson does not intend to self-fund. Where he’s going to raise money, given the already substantial amounts raised in this race, is a complete mystery. I’m also advised that Anderson intends to pursue the moderate, pro-business vote in the race, which while not as minuscule as is often portrayed, is definitely a distinct minority.

Interesting fun fact: while CD6 Congressman John Delaney lives in CD8, Mr. Anderson lives in CD6, although within a stone’s throw or two from the district line. In the unlikely event that Anderson wins, maybe he and Delaney can swap districts and reestablish balance in the universe?