The Post Has A Clinton Problem

And his name is Chris Cillizza. Writing for a Post feature called The Fix, Cillizza has demonstrated an addiction to writing negative stories about Hillary Clinton. Most recently, it has of course morphed into a fixation - I know, too easy, right? - with anything to do with “email.” In the past 23 days, Cillizza has written specific posts about Hillary Clinton 17 times - almost once per day, including weekends.

Even if you don’t want to read each and every tiresome, tendentious post, you can just read the Post’s own online titles for Cillizza’s effluvium. Not a cheerful word to be found anywhere. The capper comes today when Cillizza gets indignant about James Carville making fun of his “Democratic freakout” comments of a few days ago.

Carville’s argument is simple: I am dumb and wrong. In particular, he takes issue with the piece I wrote Tuesday raising the possibility that Hillary Clinton might just not be that good a candidate. In it, I use the phrase “full-scale Democratic freakout” to describe the worries among many Democrats about how her campaign has gone thus far.

Of course, in the end, Cillizza vindicates himself, because . . . well, just because. “I do not have a problem with writing negative articles about Hillary Clinton. I could stop any time I want. I just like writing negative articles about Hillary Clinton. Like this next one.” Etc.

You decide, gentle reader. Here’s the bare, naked hyperlinks for all 17 recent pieces, untainted by any fast talk, clever puns or slightly off color remarks by l’il old me. You decide if Mr. Cillizza has a problem. Then give the folks down at 15th & L a call and have them send the burly guys with the butterfly nets over to pick poor Chris up. I think he needs a little vacay right now.