Save The Date

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Earlier today, I received an email invitation entitled “Reminder: See You Sunday!” from the Raskin campaign. I thought “well, that’s a little bit of short notice, but hey, let’s read further and see what it is.”

Turns out it’s an invite for Fathers’ Day.

“Well,” I thought, “how helpful of them to tell me about the event ten months before it happens? And how much confidence does it show to plan an event for after the primary? They really believe they’re going to win. Thoughtful and confident is good.”

And I’m sure that the host of the event, Councilmember Hans Riemer, will be fully recovered from his recent hip surgery by next June, too.

So I’m putting the event on my calendar for next spring. Maybe take some pictures.

Isn’t this the right way to look at this email? There isn’t any other conceivable explanation, is there? 


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