Freddie Gray Trials To Remain In Baltimore

In a major victory for the prosecution, the trials of the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray will remain in Baltimore.

Baltimore Circuit Court judge ruled Thursday morning that the trials of six police officers charged in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray will stay in Baltimore, saying the defense had failed to prove that the officers cannot receive a fair trial in the city.

Judge Barry Williams said it would be wrong to assume the jury pool was already tainted, and that potential jurors should be first screened. His comments left open the possibility that the trial could still be moved at a later date.
“The citizens of Baltimore are not monolithic,” Williams said in his ruling. “They think for themselves.”

I’ve been pretty well right about the outcomes of the motions so far, but I have to admit that this one came as a bit of a surprise. The one thing that was problematic about a change in venue is the havoc it would have caused for another jurisdiction. Did that play into the decision? It’s impossible to know, but maybe. Also, it is very possible that this motion could be renewed at a later time, so it’s by no means the final word on the issue. But it’s still a win for the prosecution.

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