Silver Spring Restaurant Week Verdict

Bethesda Magazine has a story today assessing the recent Silver Spring Restaurant Week. Verdict: thumbs up. All I can say is I had a really good excuse to eat a lot of great food.

When Montgomery County Council member Tom Hucker resurrected Silver Spring Restaurant Week after a nearly decade-long hiatus, many wondered if diners would respond.

A few days after the event ended, the answer appears to be yes.
Several restaurant owners and managers whose restaurants participated said they saw an uptick in customers during the event last week. 
“I think it was successful,” Jennifer Meltzer, co-owner of All Set Restaurant & Bar, said. “I think they did, overall, a really nice job.”

Hucker is equally pleased with the results.

“We’re really delighted with the success of restaurant week,” Hucker said. “All the owners we’ve spoken to want to bring it back next year.”

Hucker’s staff is now distributing a formal survey to collect feedback on what they may change for next year’s event, which he says will probably happen around the same time in late summer or early fall.

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