One handy dandy spreadsheet to tell you everything you need to know about the money race in CD8.

Who’s up and who’s down pretty much jump off the page. Kathleen Matthews and Will Jawando were the only candidates to increase their fundraising (Ana Sol Gutierrez’s numbers have to be discounted because they heavily rely on almost $100,000 in loans). The only cautionary sign for Jawando was a very high burn rate of 39%, but he certainly helped himself tremendously with this report.

Matthews took command of the fundraising race this quarter, raising 12% more than the second quarter and keeping her burn rate well below the other candidates.

Kumar Barve, and to a lesser extent Jamie Raskin, get down arrows. Barve had a second straight low quarter, and this time, he coupled it with an enormous and unsustainable burn rate of over 60%. Raskin’s fundraising haul dropped by 32%, and his burn rate went up to 43%. That said, he remains just under $200,000 behind Matthews, a recoverable margin with this much time left before the primary.

John Fritze raised the question yesterday:

There seems to be a trend developing here in all of these reports. Most candidates are coming in under Q2. A theory: Maybe folks hit up their initial networks for cash and tapped them out or have had trouble expanding those networks?

More than any CD8 candidate, that’s the question facing Raskin. One quarter of down numbers constitutes an anecdote, but two consecutive quarters will turn it into a trend line. Q4 is going to be critical for him.

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