Can I Get A “Wow, You Were Right”?

I’ve argued for months that Joe Biden’s support in the polls was largely at the expense of Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders acolytes chased me with pitchforks and torches, saying no, no, there was a lot of Biden/Sanders synergy. In a word: horseshit.

With Vice President Joe Biden officially out of the running and the Benghazi testimony behind her, Hillary Clinton has surged to a 41-point lead in the first caucus state of Iowa, according to results out Tuesday from the latest Monmouth University poll surveying likely Democratic caucus-goers.

Clinton earned the support of nearly two in three likely participants in next February’s caucus, with 65 percent. Her next closest competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, took 24 percent. In third place is former Gov. Martin O’Malley with 5 percent, and Harvard law professor Larry Lessig follows with 1 percent.

Can I get an amen? What what?

And yes, I know that Clinton’s Benghazi performance had something to do with her movement in the polls. But I do enjoy reveling in my rightness. I’m not above some situational narcissism, I admit it. And it feels GOOD. 

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