Mayday Comes To CD8

Yesterday I wrote about Mayday, the campaign finance reform super PAC. Today, they’ve come riding into CD8 with an ad for Jamie Raskin, an ad which also attacks Kathleen Matthews repeatedly by name. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. No good will come to Raskin from this clueless group.

Even before I saw the video, Matthews has issued a response, an email from campaign manager Ethan Susseles calling out Raskin for a “negative attack” and seeking support.

Look, the fact is that money is money. A dollar from Maryland spends no better than a dollar from Wisconsin. And Raskin’s argument isn’t that Matthews’ money is tainted by who it’s from, only where - as we say down in Texas, “it ain’t from around these parts.” That argument is way too subtle for anyone not already in the tank for Jamie to care about.

Not to mention, when the guy with the good government halo over his head strikes the first negative blow, that’s not going to sit well with many people. Following it up with a super PAC making the attack explicit is even more risky. We’ll see how it shakes out in the end.

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