College Park Council Candidate Has Some Problems

Cory Sanders is running for City Council in College Park, and based on his resume, he’s an impressively qualified candidate. The problem, however, is just that - his resume.

Cory Sanders moved to College Park two years ago and became a rising political star.

The 34-year-old organized a neighborhood association at his apartment complex after a man was gunned down in the parking garage; founded a Democratic Club; and was appointed to two City Council commissions.

He made the rounds of local Democratic politicians and activists and launched a run for City Council that won the backing of mayoral candidate Patrick Wojahn.

But it turns out that Sanders has also made false and disputed statements about his education and employment history in campaign appearances and materials.

One or two problems on a resume is something that can be explained. But the depth and breadth of the problems here go much further - criminal convictions, lawsuits, job issues. How this candidate got this far and got all this support is a question that needs to be answered - starting with Cory Sanders.

I’d also like to know how Arelis Hernandez and the Washington Post come to be writing this story just four days before the election. Who is her source? What’s that person’s angle? When was Hernandez made aware of the story? A lot going on here.

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