Steve Schuh Is A Condescending Jackass

So some Anne Arundel County high school students wrote to Republican County Executive Steve Schuh about a dispute over teacher pay. Schuh wasn’t pleased and wasn’t bashful about slamming the students for even speaking up. From the Capital Gazette:

Unions debate with local officials over teacher salaries around the country.

But in recent weeks, Anne Arundel County has seen a different group of stakeholders emerge — students.
“It’s come to my attention that the teachers of this county are not being given their well-earned raises,” Arundel High School senior Joseph Volosin wrote County Executive Steve Schuh on Oct. 21.
When Volosin referred to discussions about discrepancies in teacher pay, so that some teachers have not gotten a raise in years, Schuh didn’t mince words.
“With all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about,” the county executive emailed back. “Don’t believe everything you hear. You should have learned that by now as a senior in high school.”
“And don’t be another dumb kid who contacts elected officials and parrots something some adult told you to say.”

Good lord, what a dumbass. Maybe somebody needs to say to Schuh: “hey don’t be another dumb Republican politician who gets mad when you hear opinions you don’t like. Insulting high school students for having an opinion about schools is about as absurd as it gets.”

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