MD Redistricting Case Update

The Maryland redistricting case was heard in the Supreme Court yesterday. While Post reporter Robert Barnes’ article provides a good insight into the oral argument, he makes an inexplicable error that I really hope is not based on what’s in the court file.

Although about 40 percent of Maryland’s voters are Republicans, the state’s Democratic leadership drew its eight congressional districts to make seven safe for Democrats.

Wait, what? Um, actually, no. For the period between 2000 and September 2015, Republican registrations as a share of active registrations drifted downward from 30% to 25%. At no time were they anywhere near 40%. If I added in inactive voters, I suspect it’d be a good bit less. Can I get Glenn Kessler in here for a cleanup, please?

In any event, we’ll keep an eye on the case as a whole and see what happens.