MD Family Leave Bill Proposed

Recently, DC proposed a paid family leave policy that would include all workers, including federal employees. One concern is that it would create a disparity in leave policy between two workers in the same office who happened to live in separate jurisdictions.   Last week, the Hill reported that Delegate Ariana Kelly will introduce a bill to provide paid family leave for all Maryland workers, a proposal that will also allow Maryland residents who work for the federal government in DC to opt in to the program.

Following the path of D.C.’s ambitious proposed paid leave policy, federal workers who live in Maryland might also see a change to their paid leave benefits. Maryland Del. Ariana Kelly, a Democrat, plans to introduce legislation in January to allow federal workers who work in D.C. and live in Maryland to opt-in to a state insurance pool and receive up to 12 weeks of paid leave benefits.

The D.C. Council recently unveiled paid leave legislation that would provide up to 16 weeks of paid leave for Washington, D.C., residents, including those who work for the federal government. Non-residents who work for private companies based in D.C. would also be covered, but federal workers who live in Maryland, Virginia or another state would not. Because of this, two employees working side-by-side in the same federal office could wind up with wildly diverging paid leave plans.

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