Rolling Over The Odometer

Way back in the prehistoric days before computers ran our lives, analog odometers in cars only had 5 digits. So when you got to 100,000 miles, the digits would “roll over” back to “00000.” It was often a milestone to be noted if not formally observed, and if nothing else a moment to thank the fates that your car had lasted that long. Only two of mine have ever made it before breaking down or being sold.

Well, in a few hours we’re going to roll over the odometer here at Maryland Scramble, and in under eight months. That’s pretty impressive. And awesome.

Not only that, we’re looking at a simultaneous milestone: we should also go over 30,000 visitors today as well. Boom.

Believe this or not, but it still astonishes me when I go to an event like last night’s debate, and people I don’t know come up to me and say “OMG, you’re Maryland Scramble. I read you every single day.”

I’m pleased people find this blog worthy of that kind of attention, and I hope I never lose the overwhelming sense of appreciation I feel for everyone who reads, occasionally or obsessively. To each and every one of you, thank you.

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