I Need A Break

Normally about now, I’d be thinking about what would make for an interesting blog post or two for the rest of the evening. But tonight, for the first time, I’m too angry and depressed with the government of this country for what is happening about seven miles down the road.

Sometimes it’s amusing to make fun of the Republicans and their bizarre behavior and their casual hypocrisy, bigotry and stupidity. I fear right now that with all of the fun and the media’s persistence in perpetuating the Both Sides Do It false equivalence, we are missing the point that this country is becoming something other than what it was, and 100% what it out not to be: a scared, bullying, sneering, ignorant mob of peasants with pitchforks and torches, simultaneously talking tough to the world while flinching from any sign of real danger and real engagement. Special thanks to the 47 Democrats who joined the mob today. Love ya.

I need a break for the rest of the night. I’m going to read a book and binge watch TV and forget that I ever read Chris Cillizza today. His cheerleading for the “we’re tough but we’re scared” GOP atrocities today makes me think, really, that if we ever come to our senses, that he ought to be the first one in the dock for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity and against what this country stands for.

And if we don’t come to our senses, and it all goes to shit, I hope that Cillizza’s house is the first one the mob ransacks and he is the first one the zombies eat, all the while muttering “smart politics, smart politics.” He disgusts me, with his preening and his swaggering sense of his own importance. People are dying out there by the tens of thousands and all you want to talk about are polls? The fact that there are others like you in our media is cause for utter hopelessness and despair. Most of them don’t usually flaunt their amorality quite so proudly as Cillizza does.

Not that he cares, but Cillizza needs to be force fed a healthy dose of Edmund Burke, the original modern Tory conservative, who believed (as I do) that our representatives are elected not to conduct a poll every time a decision needs to be made, but to always do the right thing and if the voters don’t like it, they can vote him out at the next election. Cillizza prefers mob rule as an excuse to avoid the moral consequences of the decisions we make. Smug bastards like him don’t seem to understand that the mob eventually is coming for him too, that his nation job at the Washington Post won’t save him when the rough beast comes slouching toward Bethlehem.

I will not give in to despair, not now and not ever, but like I said, I need a break, a large dose of bad TV and some baked ziti, which will be done right . . . now. The oven timer just beeped. Time to eat. Good  night, and good luck.

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