Van Hollen Statement On Refugee Bill

Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen released the following statement after voting to oppose H.R. 4038:

“I believe we can protect our security without abandoning our tradition of welcoming those seeking refuge from tyranny and violence, in this case Syrians escaping the atrocities of ISIS. About half of the Syrian refugees we’ve admitted to date are children, and many others are elderly. Despite the fact that the masterminds of the Paris attack appear to be French and Belgian nationals, it is the vulnerable refugees who bear the burden of this legislation. It resets our moral compass in a dangerous and disturbing way.

“This bill will break our stringent vetting process and prevent any new refugees from Syria and Iraq from seeking safety in the United States for many years, but it will not make us safer.

“This bill is particularly dangerous because it creates a false sense of security. It breaks an effective refugee resettlement system – one that is more stringent that Europe’s – while ignoring known vulnerabilities in other areas, like the Visa Waiver Program.

“Turning our backs on people who are fleeing unspeakable horrors is not how we came to be recognized as a beacon of hope for those seeking safety and freedom. We are better than this bill.”

Second brilliane Van Hollen statement of the week on this issue.

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