Fact Check Thursday

In her story on the SEIU endorsement last night, Arelis Hernandez wrote: “Local 1199, the largest SEIU chapter in Maryland, which has about 9,000 members.” That would be news to SEIU Local 500 in Gaithersburg, which has twice the number of members as Local 1199, around 18,000. Whoops.

I also believe that the harsh comments about Donna Edwards in Hernandez’s article from Local 1199 - “We feel like she has turned her back toward labor” - do not reflect the views of the entire spectrum of SEIU opinion. From my own history with her, as well as my own interactions with SEIU - particularly Local 500 - I know there was and is a lot of good will towards Edwards within the union.

Going for the sexiest quote is all well and good, but did Hernandez run that comment by any of the other locals or the state council to see if there was broad agreement on those feelings? I bet the answer is no - she had a hot take from what she thought was the largest local, so she went with it.

Bad facts, combined with a failure to cross check an explosive quote, leads to the substantially inaccurate impression that all of SEIU agrees with a statement that I strongly suspect they do not.

The Post fact checker uses pinocchios to rate bad factual statements. Me being me, I’m going to use broken eggs. The scale is 1 to 4 eggs.

Verdict: 4 broken eggs. Cleanup in the Metro section, please.