One thought on “Takoma Park/Starbucks Debate

  1. A much more interesting debate, in my opinion, revolves around a franchisee’s proposal to build a Taco Bell *with an anti-smart growth drive-thru service window* on New Hampshire Avenue in Takoma Park. See the Facebook page, We Can Do Better than a Taco Bell in Takoma Park,

    The key question isn’t Taco Bell as a restaurant, it’s a site plan that proposes a .08 floor-area ratio in a CRT-2.5 zone designed for higher density development with an FAR up to 25 (twenty-five!) times higher than franchisee Muy Companies proposes. Myself, I’m hoping the Planning Board shoots this thing down, based on the low density and the availability of *many* other quick-serve options — many of them with drive-thrus — within the service area of the proposed restaurant.


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