It’s Go Time

That’s the takeaway from this John Fritze article on the CD4 and CD8 races.  As we approach Christmas and the calendar flipping over, the House campaigns are getting ready to rumble. When we all wake up on the first business day of 2016 (January 4), there will be only 101 days left until early voting begins on April 14. And 90 of those days will be taken up by the 2016 legislative session in Annapolis.

The candidates running for Maryland’s two open House seats have operated mostly out of view so far, building campaigns and raising money in the shadow of the state’s high-profile race for Senate.

That’s about to change.

As they turn toward the post-holiday stretch, when more voters will begin tuning in, several top candidates in Maryland’s 4th and 8th Congressional Districts are preparing to ramp up their advertising and presence on the trail.
The shift represents not only a natural course adjustment as the April 26 primary election nears, but also a recognition that the upcoming session of the General Assembly will have implications for both races. At least five state lawmakers — including two committee chairmen — are running for Congress this year.

How the leading candidates handle the dual responsibilities of the campaign and Annapolis is going to be a key question to watch. Too much time on the campaign equals criticism that you’re not doing your job. Too much time in Annapolis and your reward is you get to go back again next year having lost your shot at a seat in Congress. Finding the sweet spot is critical. 

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