A Position I Didn’t Know I Held In An Organization I Didn’t Know Existed

In response to my after midnight post about Adam Pagnucco’s letter to County Attorney Marc Hansen, Barry O’Connell was sufficiently outraged that he wrote the following Facebook post.

Pure comedy gold. “Explaining how to read a legal case” = “scathing blog based hatchet job.” I had no idea. And would it have been a better or worse “hatchet job” if it hadn’t been “blog based”? I’m wondering.

I’ll bet that nobody in Takoma Park knew about the syndicate, much less my appointment as Snarkster in Chief. But I am so pleased with this moniker that I have just now promoted myself from “Line Cook” to “Snarkster in Chief” here at the worldwide headquarters of Maryland Scramble. Look and see:  

Thanks, Barry. I couldn’t have earned this promotion without you.

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