BREAKING: Trone Announces In CD8

Holy shit, he went and did it. Well, the time for theories is over. The hammer has fallen, and David Trone is running for Congress. And he’s self-funding.

Saying that he had been thinking about running for Congress since he was in his 20s, David Trone, the 60-year old co-owner of Bethesda-based Total Wine & More, is jumping into the race for the Democratic nomination in the 8th Congressional District—and is planning to use his considerable wealth to self-fund his campaign.

“There is no question that I am the underdog, certainly a big underdog,” Trone said in an interview Wednesday afternoon, adding, “Typically, people like to stay with what they already know. Often, people don’t like change. As a businessperson, I love change.”
However, Trone will enter the contest—in which seven other Democrats have been running, some for almost a year—with a big advantage: the ability to dig into his own pocket to finance his campaign in a race in which many insiders say it could cost upwards of $3 million to win the nomination.
“Having seen the terrible problem of lobbyists, corporations and donors blocking change that is good for Americans, I have decided I am not going to take any money from corporations, lobbyists and [political action committees],” said Trone, adding he would accept individual donations of no more than $10 per person.
“I won’t be anyone’s representative but theirs,” he said, alluding to rank-and-file voters.

A fascinating story line in this race just got even more intriguing. Game on. There is assuredly more to come in the days ahead.

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