OK, NOW It’s Official - Cummings Isn’t Running For Senate

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All of that hullabaloo over clerical errors and screenshots and such is over. Elijah Cummings is not running for the open Senate seat. If Politico says it, it must be true, right?

Rep. Elijah Cummings said on Monday he will seek reelection for his House seat, passing on an opportunity to run for the competitive open Senate seat in Maryland.

The Democrat has yet to officially file for reelection but told Politico he plans to do so in the next two days, formally ending months of speculation that Cummings would challenge fellow Reps. Chris Van Hollen or Donna Edwards in the Senate primary.

The deadline to file in Maryland is Wednesday.

The election board in Maryland mistakenly posted on Monday that Cummings had refiled but that notice was removed by 2 p.m. as the congressman has yet to travel to Annapolis to formally submit his reelection paperwork.

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