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Liquor Privatization Argument Collapsing In Annapolis

For many months, the conventional wisdom was that Comptroller Peter Franchot and Bethesda Delegate Bill Frick were working arm in arm to pursue privatization of Montgomery County’s alcohol monopoly. They put forth companion bills to do just that, Frick’s bill having the additional feature of a constitutionally dubious referendum, and Frick appeared at Franchot’s press conference a while back when… Read more »

Who The Frick Leaves Their Laptop Open In Annapolis?

Well, today it was Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti, but she’s just the latest of at least a dozen victims of Delegate Bill Frick’s penchant for pranks. Apparently, no computer is safe. He’s lurking in the shadows. Maybe he’s even sitting right next to his next victim — an unsuspecting legislator who makes the mistake of leaving their laptops open and logged… Read more »

The Inigo Montoya Alcohol Report

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” The word in this case being not “inconceivable,” but “revenue.” Yesterday, Comptroller Peter Franchot held an event to tout his new “report” about all the “revenue” that will be gained by doing away with Montgomery County’s alcohol monopoly. I kept hearing Inigo Montoya’s voice over… Read more »

Another Candidate?

Another candidate in Congressional District 8? Multiple minions report that Senator Susan Lee is considering the race. For those keeping score at home, that would be 3/4 of the District 16 delegation now pondering a congressional run. Delegates Ariana Kelly (8) and Bill Frick (6?) are already on the board. D16 delegation meetings should be a hoot if this keeps… Read more »