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Bill Turque Gets His Funny On

In the continuing non-story about David Trone’s ads about who Jamie Raskin did or didn’t take money from, and Raskin’s overheated response thereto, Bill Turque has a good story on the Post website today. So good that Turque’s wife calls it “his funniest story evah.” I don’t know about THAT, but it definitely has some funny components to it. Here’s a bit of… Read more »

Trone Redux

Bill Turque has picked up the Tronemania mantle and run with it, even to the point of running Trone-provided photos. Puff piece is a polite word for this. David Trone, co-owner of Bethesda-based Total Wine & More, is considering a run for Congress in Maryland’s 8th District, his spokesman said Monday evening. The entry of Trone, a multimillionaire and major Democratic… Read more »

Pictures And Words 

So in addition to my brilliant analysis of the debate last night, Bill Turque of the Post and Lou Peck of Bethesda Magazine also have some thoughts as well. And Kevin Gillogly has a great set of photos from the event posted here. Both reporters stressed the generally agreeable tone of the debate and the lack of sparks between the candidates. Turque: On the issues,… Read more »