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Welcome To The GOP, Liz Matory!

Her new party affiliation not yet 24 hours old, Liz Matory was welcomed to the GOP tonight by self-appointed lady parts inquisitor Brian Griffiths,  whose powers of alienation are now legendary throughout Maryland. Freshly minted Republican Liz Matoy in the 8th District is also unabashedly pro-abortion as well, going as far as urging people to stand with Planned Parenthood: While… Read more »

I Could Have Predicted This

In fact, I sort of did earlier today, when Lou Peck’s story about the GOP CD6 debate made clear that Brian Griffiths, one of the moderators for the debate, was smack in the middle of a dustup with one of the candidates, Amie Hoeber. But now it’s turned into a full blown war of words. I may disagree philosophically with… Read more »