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The Edwards Ad

A sharp-eyed new convert to the Church of Maryland Scramble just sent me a functioning link to the Edwards superPAC ad on gun control. I love my readers. It’s a mendacious, nasty piece of work, casting Chris Van Hollen as being against gun control when he is in fact one of the most ardent proponents of gun control in this… Read more »

Matthews’ New TV Ad: Gun Control

Kathleen Matthews has a new TV ad beginning today, on the issue of gun control. Press release from the campaign, followed by the ad. Kathleen Matthews’ TV Ad Targets Tougher Gun Safety Measures Launch of Media Campaign Follows Release of Comprehensive Gun Safety Plan Chevy Chase, MD — Maryland’s 8th Congressional District candidate Kathleen Matthews is setting tough new gun… Read more »

Perfect Storm Coming

Before I begin, let’s be clear - my primary feeling is one of shock and horror about this morning’s events, and embarrassment that I live in a country that tolerates this kind of carnage as a matter of course. That said, there is a predictable set of reactions that has been set in motion, and while I don’t agree with… Read more »

Van Hollen On Guns

This story is a few days old now, but it’s worth going back to. Chris Van Hollen and three Connecticut lawmakers have introduced a bill to require a license before purchasing certain handguns. From the Baltimore Sun: Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the Montgomery County Democrat who is running for the Senate, introduced legislation Thursday to encourage states to toughen handgun licensing… Read more »

Police And Guns

In the United States, heavily armed police shoot two people dead every day. In Britain, the vast majority of police officers patrol armed only with a baton and pepper spray, and there have been a total of two fatal police shootings in three years. Is there a lesson to be learned here? The Washington Post this week says yes. As the… Read more »