SS Transit Center Turnover

Four years late and $50 million over budget, Montgomery County this week will turn over control of the Silver Spring Transit Center to Metro.

Metro plans to accept the Silver Spring Transit Center from Montgomery County as early as this week, and has set a Sept. 20 opening date for the problem-plagued facility.

Montgomery County on Thursday sent Metro a letter of transfer, detailing the completion of the three-level commuter hub that was plagued by cracks and other construction and design flaws. Metro said that it has 10 days to formally accept the facility, but it doesn’t expect any outstanding issues.

Let’s not forget, of course, the recent transparent bluff by Metro in an effort to extort money and other concessions from the County. That will be a comedy-packed moment in the screenplay of this agonizing saga that is sure to be a huge hit with absolutely nobody.


Transit Center Showdown Averted?

Short version: Metro bluffed, MoCo called . . . and Metro folded like a cheap suit. Well played.

Longer version is here:

A spokesman for Montgomery County executive Isiah Leggett said Metro has dropped its demand that the county -which oversaw the problem-plagued construction of the facility-provide an extra $15 million to cover future maintenance and repair costs.

The transit agency’s demand was one of several conditions it set last month for accepting the building from the county and incorporating it as a hub for its bus and train system.

And while Metro spokesperson Sherri Ly would not confirm the agency’s revised position, she said interim general manager Jack Requa will ask the Metro Board on Thursday to give him the authority to formally accept the transit center from the county.

“We will announce an opening date as soon as we are able to do so,” Ly said.

Metro needs a refresher course on poker. Maybe something from the Doyle Brunson library?