GOP CD6 Gossip

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Since the John Delaney rumor mill has totally shut down of late, I am reduced to mongering Republican rumors in CD6. 

A sad state of affairs indeed, but here it is: Ryan Miner says District 4 Delegate David Vogt will run for Congress, and further expresses dissatisfaction with the notion that Washington County Commissioners president Terry Baker might also be running. I particularly like this line:

It comes as a shock to me that Terry Baker is contemplating running for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District considering that he has no fundraising base outside of Washington County and is virtually unknown in most of CD-6, especially in Montgomery County.

News flash: I don’t think John Delaney is losing one minute of sleep thinking about Terry Baker or David Vogt. Or Ryan Miner, for that matter. Which is really unfortunate because it means John Delaney still hasn’t texted me his plans. Which is another way of saying that this post is just another desperate attempt by me to get John Delaney’s attention. Utterly pathetic.

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