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Trachtenberg Statement

From the (non)candidate herself: I certainly feel that the 6th congressional district could be better represented. However, I have not made a decision to run. The filing I made was to comply with FEC regulations and nothing more. I am no wallflower and if I made a decision to run for Congress, Rep. Delaney would know it. But that isn’t… Read more »

No, Trachtenberg Isn’t Running Against Delaney

Over the past several days, there have been several reports that former County Councilmember Duchy Trachtenberg has “launched” a primary campaign against Congressman John Delaney. There was a report on Daily Kos, citing this tweet, and then today local GOP blogger Ryan Miner reports the same thing, along with a laundry list of negative quotes and reports about Trachtenberg. All of the… Read more »

More Legislative Atrocities

It wasn’t just Syrian refugees that got pummeled by Congress last week. Car purchasers of color got mugged, and robbed, and stripped of protections that the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) had adopted in 2013. Here’s the deal. You walk into a car dealership, look at a car, take it for a test drive, decide you can’t live without it… Read more »

BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE: Delaney Endorsements

The Tuesday morning double dose thunderstorm has landed and it’s hitting hard. Tornadoes are possible. Get the kids into the storm cellar. This one’s a biggie: Multiple sources confirm to Maryland Scramble that Congressman John Delaney will be making endorsements in the four marquee MD races: US Senate, CD4, CD8 and the Baltimore mayoral contest. His endorsements, expected to be… Read more »

Senate Race: What Now?

This piece is for entertainment purposes only. I don’t know whether Donna Edwards intends to stay in or get out. So use the following with great care. One candidate has $3.75 million, the other has $419,000. The first candidate has a great fundraising track record, having run the DCCC for two cycles. The second candidate had $30,000 in the bank… Read more »

Delaney Hears It On TPP

John Delaney, unlike the significant majority of the House Democratic caucus, voted “yes” on both Trans-Pacific Partnership votes on Friday - Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), which failed badly, and Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which narrowly passed. Delaney then went on Facebook to explain his votes: Today I voted to give the Trade Promotion Authority to President Obama and to extend the… Read more »

Delaney Followup

After his op-ed this morning, John Delaney has fans, but probably not the ones he was hoping for. And it is possible that this was a plant for a Senate run. I’ve been known to be wrong more than occasionally.   Noah Silverman is Congressional Affairs Director for the Republican Jewish Coalition. Given the language of Delaney’s screed today, it’s understandable that… Read more »

Delaney Makes A Move

Well, now we know what John Delaney has been up to while he’s been ignoring my increasingly pathetic pleas for his attention. He’s been crafting his attack on the values of the political party of which he claims to be a member. Washington is paralyzed by extreme political rhetoric that creates powerful sound bites but poor policy. The big legislative updates that… Read more »

Hot Sheet

For those of us playing the home version of the game, things have gotten messy. So being spring, it’s time for a clean start with a fresh new scoresheet. Senate: Declared and Running: Donna Edwards, Chris Van Hollen Still Thinking About It: Elijah Cummings Finally Actually Thinking About It: Dutch Ruppersberger Probably Not This Time: John Sarbanes Likes To Torture… Read more »

GOP CD6 Gossip

Since the John Delaney rumor mill has totally shut down of late, I am reduced to mongering Republican rumors in CD6.  A sad state of affairs indeed, but here it is: Ryan Miner says District 4 Delegate David Vogt will run for Congress, and further expresses dissatisfaction with the notion that Washington County Commissioners president Terry Baker might also be… Read more »