End of the Month Summary

To think that a month ago, Maryland 2016 was going to be a sleepy little remote outpost. Hillary Clinton or another Democrat would win the state’s 10 electoral votes, Barbara Mikulski was going to be reelected for another term, and everyone would be focused on reclaiming the governor’s seat in 2018.

Well. Wherever we are now, it ain’t that place. It being the end of the month, here’s a summary post of every race that Barbara Mikulski’s March 2 retirement announcement has spawned. Not to mention the very existence of this humble and nefarious nest of rumors and whispers. Thank you, Senator Barb.

If a candidate has declared themselves not running, I’m not going to keep listing that. I’m only listing the ones with “??” who have been identified as interested and haven’t said no. I’m also leaving out CD3, CD6 and CD7 - for now - because the incumbents haven’t definitively declared for the Senate race yet.

The candidates are listed in alphabetical order in each race. No favoritism should be assumed or implied. Not valid in Indiana, Oklahoma, Alabama or where prohibited by law (didja catch the very topical LGBT references there? Y’all have to stay sharp to keep up with just how damn witty I am).

U.S. Senate

Elijah Cummings IN*
John Delaney ??
Donna Edwards IN
Heather Mizeur ??
Dutch Ruppersberger ??**
John Sarbanes ??
Chris Van Hollen IN


Anthony Brown IN
Glenn Ivey IN
Anthony Muse ??
Joseline Pena-Melnyk IN
Ingrid Turner IN (thanks, Mollie Byron, for pointing out my oversight)
Jay Walker ??


Kumar Barve IN
Valerie Ervin ??*
Nancy Floreen ??
Bill Frick ??***
Ariana Kelly ??
Kathleen Matthews ??
Jamie Raskin IN
Hans Riemer ??

* Both Cummings and Ervin are expected to declare their candidacies in the very near future.

** I don’t actually believe Ruppersberger is running. But certain national publications persist in listing him, so what the hell, right?

*** Bill Frick has been rumored to be considering both the CD6 race and more recently, the CD8 contest.

So 2021 candidates, 3 races. The prospect of a bunch more if CD1, CD2, CD3, CD6 and CD7 all open up (yes, I hate the Oxford comma. Sue me). All of the candidates thus far - other than Kathleen Matthews - are either present or former officeholders. If they all run, the reverberations of this earthquake will be felt for an entire generation - the last time something like this happened was 1986. How long ago was that? I was 23 years old, a year out of college and still had some hair on my head. Yeah, that long ago.

392 days until the primary. This is gonna be one crazy, insane and AWESOME ride. Hang with me and let’s have some fun.

Exclusive Audio - Chris Van Hollen, John Sarbanes and Phil Andrews on Campaign Finance Reform

Hot off the presses audio you won’t find anywhere else!

Maryland PIRG had an event in College Park last night to discuss campaign finance issues. Scheduled to appear were Chris Van Hollen, Donna Edwards, John Sarbanes and former Montgomery County Councilman Phil Andrews (author of the county’s public financing law passed last year).

Van Hollen gave opening remarks and then left for another engagement. Sarbanes and Andrews spoke at length and stayed for questions and answers. Donna Edwards did not attend.

Courtesy of this establishment’s chief research minion, here is audio of Van Hollen, Sarbanes and Andrews discussing campaign finance issues. The first file is Van Hollen speaking. The recording starts about a minute into his speech.

The second file contains the remainder of the panel’s opening remarks. Sarbanes’ remarks start at about 13:35. Andrews’ speech begins at 32:05.

It’s an interesting discussion of a vitally important issue.

Shit’s About to Get Real

First the news, then an opinion.

News: Multiple sources report that Elijah Cummings will this week declare his candidacy in the Senate race.

Opinion: The Cummings declaration will break this race open, with potentially as many as 3-4 additional top-tier candidates jumping in. John Delaney, John Sarbanes. Heather Mizeur - the phone is ringing.

Six open congressional seats? Be still my heart.