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Straight Talk From Heather Mizeur

Full disclosure: as I’ve noted before, I support Chris Van Hollen in the Senate primary. Heather Mizeur was my delegate for eight years, and she is a good friend as well, dating back to 2005. Finally, even though I worked for Donna Edwards for nearly two years from 2006-2008, I’ve also experienced what Heather describes when I’ve tried to get… Read more »

Mizeur Criticizes DFA In Senate Race

In the continuing saga of back and forth over who’s more progressive, former delegate and gubernatorial candidate Heather MIzeur has waded in, defending Chris Van Hollen and criticizing Democracy for America’s attacks on him. A little history. Back in late September, Van Hollen claimed that he was gaining a lot of support from progressives in Maryland. Which was clearly true. Rep…. Read more »

“Roughly Speaking” Debuts

Dan Rodricks’ inaugural podcast is now available. There’s a lot of good stuff - but for you political junkies out there, beginning at around 15:45, there’s a lengthy back and forth between and among Rodricks, Sun Washington reporter John Fritze, former delegate and gubernatorial candidate Heather Mizeur, and Sun political editor Andy Green. 

Mizeur For Van Hollen

Former Delegate Heather MIzeur today endorsed Chris Van Hollen for Senate. John Fritze has the story: Heather R. Mizeur, a former state lawmaker who developed an energetic following among Maryland progressives during her run for governor last year, is endorsing Rep. Chris Van Hollen for Senate, according to a video posted on her Facebook page Wednesday. Mizeur’s support is important because… Read more »

End of the Month Summary

To think that a month ago, Maryland 2016 was going to be a sleepy little remote outpost. Hillary Clinton or another Democrat would win the state’s 10 electoral votes, Barbara Mikulski was going to be reelected for another term, and everyone would be focused on reclaiming the governor’s seat in 2018. Well. Wherever we are now, it ain’t that place…. Read more »

Shit’s About to Get Real

First the news, then an opinion. News: Multiple sources report that Elijah Cummings will this week declare his candidacy in the Senate race. Opinion: The Cummings declaration will break this race open, with potentially as many as 3-4 additional top-tier candidates jumping in. John Delaney, John Sarbanes. Heather Mizeur - the phone is ringing. Six open congressional seats? Be still… Read more »