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Trachtenberg Statement

From the (non)candidate herself: I certainly feel that the 6th congressional district could be better represented. However, I have not made a decision to run. The filing I made was to comply with FEC regulations and nothing more. I am no wallflower and if I made a decision to run for Congress, Rep. Delaney would know it. But that isn’t… Read more »

No, Trachtenberg Isn’t Running Against Delaney

Over the past several days, there have been several reports that former County Councilmember Duchy Trachtenberg has “launched” a primary campaign against Congressman John Delaney. There was a report on Daily Kos, citing this tweet, and then today local GOP blogger Ryan Miner reports the same thing, along with a laundry list of negative quotes and reports about Trachtenberg. All of the… Read more »


Sources report this bleary-eyed post-sine die Tuesday morning that former at-large Montgomery County Councilmember Duchy Trachtenberg is on the other coast this week actively fundraising for a CD8 run. Things have progressed to such a degree, in fact, that a website will ready to launch shortly. That makes 11, -2 from last week’s Dirty Dozen (Floreen and Riemer) and now… Read more »

Whispers and Rumors

The Capitol Hill chatter is growing louder that there may be a new contestant in the CD8 race. And reports that a former at-large Montgomery County Councilmember has repeatedly been spotted huddling on the Hill with noted campaign consultant Joe Trippi don’t do anything to quiet those rumors. With Nancy Floreen now out of the race, is there room for… Read more »