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After his op-ed this morning, John Delaney has fans, but probably not the ones he was hoping for. And it is possible that this was a plant for a Senate run. I’ve been known to be wrong more than occasionally.

  Noah Silverman is Congressional Affairs Director for the Republican Jewish Coalition. Given the language of Delaney’s screed today, it’s understandable that Silverman mistook Delaney for a Republican congressman and is urging him to run for Senate.

Snark aside, it’s curious that Delaney’s piece said nothing whatsoever about either Israel specifically or foreign policy generally - which are the RJC’s stock in trade. Hmmmmmmmmm. Let’s keep our eyes on the Twitter   machine for more information, shall we?

0 thoughts on “Delaney Followup

  1. write2bheard

    I think your first missive (Delaney positioning to run for Governor) is likely right on target. I’ve been to many events with him there, including at his home, and I just don’t get the impression that he is interested in a lifelong Congressional career. As a self-funder, he can run for pretty much anything he wants without being tied to fundraising.

    1. Jonathan Post author

      I agree. But I found the RJC tweet so interestingly timed and so clearly “senatorial” that I have to at least consider the possibility that his op-ed was a Senate trial balloon.


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