Chevy Chase Saga Continues

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The Town of Chevy Chase may be in the process of abandoning its attempts to kill the Purple Line in favor of a strategy of mitigation or some other course. Bethesda Magazine:

The Town of Chevy Chase appears to be backing off its strategy of trying to kill the Purple Line, according to comments made by Town Council members and residents at a public hearing Wednesday night.

“The frontal charge to oppose the Purple Line is not a very sensible strategy,” council member John Bickerman said at the hearing attended by about 40 people. “I don’t think we’ve been effective with the money we spent.”

Ya think? But then again, there are the diehards.

Elm Street residents were particularly vocal at the hearing—their homes back up to the Capital Crescent Trail where the light-rail would run—and they may be the most affected by the trains that are now scheduled to pass every 7½ minutes.

Elm Street resident Joan Rood urged the town to keep fighting the construction of the Purple Line. “We are a wealthy town and we have the money,” she said.

Points for brutal honesty, anyway. And succinct. Don’t think the Town officials will be very happy with that statement, though.

Mitigation isn’t likely to be a winner either, given the cost- slashing proposals from the governor this week. Mitigation costs money. What other course might there be? Stay tuned.

The council recommended suspending its August meeting, but agreed to be in touch via email or by holding an emergency meeting if measures that significantly impact the town are proposed as more details are released about the project.

In a memo sent to town residents prior to the public hearing, Lang wrote the town’s long-range planning committee will be creating an analysis of the issues surrounding the project. The analysis wasn’t ready for consideration at the public hearing Wednesday, according to Lang.
“When completed, it will be presented to Town residents for review and comment and will form the basis for the Council’s decision on how to proceed,” Lang wrote. 

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