CWA Rally (With Bonus Track)

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The Communications Workers Of America (CWA) is embroiled in a contract dispute with Verizon, primarily regarding benefits and job security. Today, they held a rally at Verizon’s Silver Spring facility off Route 29. Always willing to give voice to labor concerns, I packed up my trusty iPhone and headed over to see what was up and to lend a hand.

First, some pictures. Lots of waving at cars passing by on 29, lots of supportive honks back. And they brought their own inflatable fat cat to stand in for Verizon big shots. Well done - one hand around the neck of the worker the other with a big bag of cash.

  Andrew Platt, CWA Local 2108 President Marilyn Irwin, and Delegate Jimmy Tarlau 

Verizon makes a lot of money ($1 billion per month in profits for the last 18 months) but they want to nickel and dime their workers. Typical - but still wrong.

Next up is a video of the comments. Delegates Jimmy Tarlau, a CWA member, and Andrew Platt were there. And before you say it, yes, Tarlau gives me a nice plug, but I didn’t know he was doing it and I swear I didn’t pay him. 🙂 Appreciated, though.

Here’s the video of the program:

And just for fun here’s a short video of waving at cars set to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” ‘Cause you can never have too much Taylor Swift.

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