Anyone See A Pattern Emerging Here?

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First we learn that Walter Johnson, one of the highly sought after “W” schools (along with Wootton, Winston Churchill and Walt Whitman), a high school that was just rebuilt in 2009, is being considered for another renovation. Now Walt Whitman, with the lowest minority population in the county, is due to be renovated, despite being barely over capacity (Downcounty Consortium Schools Northwood, Einstein and Wheaton are all currently more over capacity than Whitman), and despite the fact that it was renovated in 1992 (Northwood 1956, Wheaton 1983, and Einstein 1997).

All three of the above schools are projected to gain more students in absolute numbers than Whitman over the next six years, and all will be over 122% capacity by 2021, as compared to Whitman’s 113%.

There’s only one way to interpret this. But you already knew this, dear readers. Let’s go with the British version this time, shall we?

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