CD8 Facebook Analysis

Scott Ewart has another tech update, this time analyzing the Facebook pages of CD8 candidates. More details on the scoring in coming posts on each candidate, but here’s some highlights. I will bring you up details as he makes them available.

Raskin 83
Notes – Jamie Raskin has the second most number of Facebook followers (just over 2,200) and scored well on likes growth (over 9% in the last month) and engagement rate (over 16%).

Matthews 80
Notes – Kathleen ranks forth in followers (just over 1,500) and picked up a lot of new likes over the past month. The page engagement rate is a bit low (about 6.5%) but not a horrible number.

Gutierrez 74
Notes – Ana Sol-Gutierrez ranks 5th in followers (under 600) so there is some work to do on that front. There has been a 14% spike in likes growth over the past month so that is a good sign. Engagement rate for posts are only at 4% (that is a bit low).

Anderson 61
Notes – Dave is the newest in the race and currently ranks last in followers (only 114 today). This account is very new and there are things to be improved upon but the engagement rate is very high on posts and the “post types” are nice. I will be interested to see how this score changes as they attract new followers.

Jawando 55
Notes – Will ranks third in total followers with over 1700. A couple areas of concern for this page are likes growth at only 1.5% over the past month and an engagement rate at 3.07%. On the upside they are averaging over 1.5 posts per day (keep this up).

Liz Matory (Independent) 51
Notes – Liz goes in my “Extra” section as she is running as an Independent. Liz has 285 followers today and a likes growth rate of just under 5% over the past month. The engagement rate for the page is currently running at just over 11% (that is a great number). One thing to correct is that on average there is less than one post per week (not near enough to engage and inform your followers).

Barve 36
Notes – I was surprised at the low score of this page. They by far have the most followers (over 4,600). Some of the issues that drove the score so low were a likes growth rate of 0.74% over the past month, an engagement rate of 2% and only averaging 0.37 posts per day.

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