DeBlasio Endorses Clinton

Politico has the story.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on Friday.

“She has said what she believes in. This is a very sharp progressive platform. I believe she will follow through on it,” de Blasio said during an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” adding that Clinton “has the ability to follow through on it.”

De Blasio, a progressive champion and the former campaign manager for Clinton’s successful Senate bid, had been holding back his endorsement of the former secretary of state for months. He argued on Friday that Clinton is best positioned of all the 2016 presidential candidates to successfully tackle income inequality in America.

“I’m supporting, I am endorsing Hillary Clinton enthusiastically because we have to take on income inequality. It is the issue of our time. We have to restore the middle class and Hillary Clinton knows how to do it, will get it done, and has a progressive platform that speaks to all the changes we need, including progressive taxation, including uplifting working [people],” de Blasio added.

His backing is a blow to Sen. Bernie Sanders, as both men are strongly associated with the progressive wing of the Democratic party and have focused intensely on issues related to poverty and income inequality.

The end, it doth draw near.

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