The Post has the story of the RNC temper tantrum.

The Republican National Committee announced Friday that it was suspending its partnership with NBC News for an upcoming presidential debate in February, moving fast as anger at CNBC’s handling of Wednesday night’s Republican forum boiled over.

In a letter to NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said that their relationship for the debate, scheduled for Feb. 26 at the University of Houston, was on hold “pending further discussion.”

The RNC has faced increasingly vocal — and active — dissatisfaction with the debate process from presidential contenders in the wake of Wednesday night’s face-off, with candidates and their campaigns complaining that CNBC conducted the debate in “bad faith” and asked questions in an attempt to spark infighting. “We simply cannot continue with NBC without full consultation with our campaigns,” Priebus wrote Friday.

In a statement, NBC News called the RNC’s decision “disappointing.”

Somebody call the waaaambulance. What a pathetic bunch of babies. Is that how they’ll deal with adversity as president? Bitch and whine and moan? Your modern GOP, ladies and gentlemen.