Maryland Presidential Polls

The Sun has a new set of presidential polls out for Maryland. While he might be slipping elsewhere, Ben Carson continues to lead here. And Hillary Clinton maintains a big lead over Bernie Sanders, while Martin O’Malley is in single digits.

First the GOP race:


Though support for Dr. Ben Carson has slipped across the country, the retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon maintains a narrow lead for the Republican nomination in Maryland, a new poll for The Baltimore Sun and the University of Baltimore has found.

In the state where he lived and built an international reputation in the operating room, the first-time political candidate sits atop a crowded and unruly GOP field trying to attract a GOP electorate divided between centrist and conservative voters.
Carson’s continuing strength in Maryland is striking in a state where Republicans have tended to support more moderate candidates, such as Gov. Larry Hogan, and at a time that his poll numbers nationally and in early nominating states have been falling.
“There are enough people in the state who have had personal interaction with him, or have a great deal of personal professional respect for him as a neurosurgeon,” said Steve Raabe, president of Annapolis-based OpinionWorks, which conducted the survey. “He has that going for him.”

And on the Democratic side:

Marylanders continue to have a low level of support for former Gov. Martin O’Malley’s presidential ambitions, a new poll for The Baltimore Sun and the University of Baltimore shows.

Only 7 percent of Maryland Democrats say they would vote for O’Malley for president, compared with 56 percent for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 23 percent for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
O’Malley has failed to break out of single digits anywhere in the country, including his home state. Opponents cite O’Malley’s lackluster polling in the state he led for eight years to question his viability on the national stage.
O’Malley is supported by only 4 percent of Democrats in Baltimore, the city he once led as mayor for two terms, and just 2 percent of primary voters in nearby Baltimore County, the poll found.

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